Taurus Magazine G3c / G2c 9MM 17 RDS




Taurus Magazine G3c / G2c 9MM 17 RDS

Some people want to have more rounds inside their magazines to tackle worse situations or some people just like to have more inside the magazine to feel more secure. If you are one of them then this Taurus Magazine g3c / g2c model is the perfect one for you because it comes with 17 rounds of 9mm capacity. With this magazine within your G3c or G2c, you will feel invincible. Or you don’t have to simply bother with changing the magazines too many times again and again while shooting practice.

This magazine will be an ergonomic package for you that will offer you great firepower. It is offering higher capacity compared to other Taurus magazines. It comes with an additional grip for offering you the ability to handle your pistol like a pro. It offers easy to check the remaining ammo system. If you want the best possible capacity for your G3c or G2c then this one is for you.

Magazine includes sleeve that acts as a filler for the gap between frame and base plate of magazine.

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