Taurus G3C

Rifleman Review: Taurus G3c

Taurus attracted attention in 2019 when the company launched its full-size G3 striker-fired handgun, based off the smaller G2c, chambered in 9 mm Luger. After the design proved to be a commercial success, a year later, the Brazilian-based company followed up the launch of the G3 with a compact version, the G3c, which was reviewed by American Rifleman staff back in 2020.

The Taurus G3c shared many of the same design aesthetics and layout of the G3, while in a more compact package. Like all of its predecessors, the G3c is a recoil-operated design that forms from a locked breech. It’s similar in size to the prior G2c, yet is slightly shorter at 6.2″ long, and weighs just 22 ozs. unloaded. The G3c is also 5.1″ in height and has a width of 1.2″. It uses the same detachable, double-stack magazines as the previous G2c, with a capacity of 12 rounds and an included pinky extension.

On the sides of the slide, the G3c includes the same forward serrations as the G3 machined in, though the G3c only has three per side in that section. On top of the slide, the G3c comes with a fixed, white-dot front sight and a drift-adjustable, all-black rear. The frames between the larger G3 and G3c are similar, with a duster mounted Picatinny accessory rail, molded areas of aggressively textured grip surface and indexing pads molded in for thumb placement. For controls, the G3c has a reversible magazine release button located just behind the trigger, and a slide catch and thumb safety side by side on the left side of the frame.

The trigger has a long pull, but breaks right around 5 lbs., which aligns with that found on many other options in the self-defense market. For disassembly, the G3c also has a Glock-style takedown tab on both sides of the frame. For more information one the Taurus G3c, and Taurus’ other products, visit taurususa.com.   

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