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Taurus G3C is a Taurus firearm which features various upgrades to the G2C model. The G3C has a hand-filling grip, a dual spring recoil assembly and enough metal in the slide to help manage felt recoil. The popularity of Taurus G3c guns has raised a lot because these guns offer both power and balance. These g3c guns are perfect for everyday carry and the balance of power makes them perfect for self-defense in any type of situation. The compact size of these g3c guns makes them a great backup weapon for any type of situation. If you want perfect guns with power for conceal carrying then g3c guns are the guns that you should opt for. These compact and lightweight guns will offer you quick handling and great shooting advantages in different situations with high accuracy. These g3c guns are made of the highest quality material that is very durable and at the same time, these materials are quite lightweight. The G3 series guns are made on the proven G3 platform to offer you the best shooting experience. If you want to take your shooting game to a next level and want more safety with conceal carry option the Taurus g3c guns will be your best choice. Usually, the barrel of these guns are made of stainless steel, and the slides are made of steel alloy with a matte stainless finish. These are the reasons why this gun is strong and highly durable. The advanced functionalities in the g3c series will allow you to go an extra mile in every situation with a gun. G3c can deliver the perfect balance of performance with high power every single time. Each one of these guns comes with EDC-friendly compact frames.

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Usability of Taurus G3c firearms.

Taurus G3c guns can become your everyday carry gun with easier-to-carry benefits. Whether you need a gun for recreational shooting, personal defense, or competition work, these will offer you full reliability. Shooters are including micro red dots on their semi-autos more and more these days and the Taurus G3c series also offers that. G3 series pistol was brought into the optic arena in 2021 by Taurus when they released a full-size G3 T.O.R.O. It means Taurus Optic Ready Option. This series slide has a factory optic cut that you can use for adding a red dot immediately. You do not have to spend any money on personalized gunsmith work for that. You can choose from a wide range of high-quality optics available in the market if you go with this T.O.R.O. because it comes with an interchangeable plate mounting system. That means you are getting more accuracy in T.O.R.O of Taurus g3c with less effort. You will get great finishes with a sleek design and many safety features in each gun of Taurus G3c. You can purchase these Taurus firearms from us at an affordable price. This continues the G-series handguns’ industry-leading cost-to-performance ratio of Taurus. It is high time you got a model of Taurus G3c for your protection, conceal carry, backup gun, home gun for safety, or recreational shooting.

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The ergonomics of the Taurus G3c are quite good. It feels good in the hand. For most shooters, the size will allow them a good grip while being small enough to conceal. Basically, you won’t feel like you’re are holding a big pistol.

Taurus G3c Magazines

We sell only the best quality and most authentic Taurus G3c Magazines. Among the highest quality, Taurus magazines we sell are: Taurus Magazine G2c 9MM 12RD, Taurus Magazine G3c G2c 9MM 17 RDS, Taurus Spectrum Magazine .380 Auto 7RD Black, Taurus TX22 22LR Magazine 16 Rounds, etc. Taurus Magazine G2c 9MM 12RD perfectly fits G2C guns including PT111 G2 Millennium and G3c models. This comes with 12-round capacities. 12-round capacity is not too high in number or not too low in number for the bullets anyone can carry on their magazine. This can be a usual standard for you as well because it is for many. If you want 12 rounds of bullets inside your pistol then this magazine is exactly the one you should opt for. Then we have Taurus Magazine G3c G2c 9MM 17 RDS that comes with 17 rounds of 9mm capacity. It is one of the magazines in this series with the highest round holding capacity. The large-capacity magazine can come very helpful in certain situations. You never know the future. If you like to be prepared for the worst then this one is for you.

After that, the Taurus TX22 22LR magazine has sixteen rounds holding capacity. Each one of these magazines is made of the highest quality materials that are light but stronger and highly durable. High durability makes them long-lasting and lightweight making them good for better shooting. These G3 magazines will be the best companion for your gun in any self-defense situation or shooting practice time.


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Taurus G3C – is a private company into marketing brand specific and category specific Taurus firearms, primarily in the USA.

Taurus G3C Holsters

We also have some high quality Taurus g3c holsters. These are precise and durable because of their great design and material. These holsters are quite portable and concealed to carry your gun with full comfort. They do not add any extra weight because they are quite lightweight and you will not feel the weight with you with Taurus holsters. These holsters are waterproof, washable, and sweat-proof to offer you all the benefits you need. The high durability of these holsters makes them long-lasting. You can carry your gun on these holsters in any type of environment whether you want to carry your guns in a harsh environment or somewhere crowded for conceal carry, you can do it.

Taurus means the best of the best in this world of weapons. Taurus USA has been manufacturing the best quality products since its inception and you can put your trust in Taurus at any time. Taurus means the combination of reliability, affordability, balance, comfort, safety, and many other conveniences that anyone can want. Doesn’t matter whatever your requirements are in the sector of handguns, you can fulfill them with Taurus products. All the reviews and feedback given by the users of Taurus’ products are great, and all of them are quite satisfied with all they got from the product. The users are satisfied with the pricing of this series compared to its competitors. Every weapon made by Taurus since 1984 is reliable and backed by a lifetime guarantee by the company.